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At SEAGREY Design we have extensive experience in maximising the value and floor space of homes by planning Garage Conversions for our clients.

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Additional  Lounge

Not using your Garage? Just using it to store junk?

Why not convert your Garage to give you that extra space your crave and also to add value to your property.  A Garage can be the ideal solution to having that extra room/ rooms without having to build an extension.

Whether you Garage is attached, detached or integrated we can provide you with an ideal solution. The average single sized garage will give you approximately 15 square metres of extra space whereas a double garage can bring you up to 30 square metres. How would you use this space? Maybe your need a  home office, a dining room, second lounge, downstairs toilet /shower, or a playroom to keep the children quiet. Whatever your ideas we will be happy to assist you in bringing them to reality helping you with design and sourcing your choices.


Garage Conversion – Swansea

The house is located on an estate in one of the outlying districts of Swansea. A number of other houses nearby have converted their garages into accommodation so there is precedent for this requirement.


Front Entrance

Existing Elevations and Layout

Existing Elevations Existing Floor Plan

The Proposal

My Client lives in a detached property on an estate in Swansea and wants to create a separate Dining Room with a new downstairs cloakroom. This is going to be the first stage in a further renovation project in which we will be looking at a re-organisation of the rear part of the house.

The Proposed Layout 

Generally the layout is fairly simple with a new door being installed in the Hall and the internal area incorporates a new WC which will connect to the drainage system which runs by that side of the house. There is an existing door access from the Kitchen which will remain and ample space will be created for a Dining Room in the front area of the old Garage with a new window in the original Garage door opening, partly bricked up to match the existing front windows of the House.


Proposed Elevations and Design

Proposed elevations Proposed Garage Conversion


Although the Garage is an integral part of the house, when constructed there was unlikely to be any insulation installed in the floor or external walls as this is not necessary for the original purpose. When a Garage is converted to habitable space insulation needs to be installed internally to the walls and floor. As there is a step from the Kitchen access door we decided to allow for the same from the Hall so that the floor level will be higher in order to accommodate additional floor insulation and a screed on top. The walls will be covered with insulated plasterboard to achieve the insulation rating required by Building Control.

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