Location & Context

The existing terraced house was built circa 1900 and at the time of the measure, there was a large single storey extension to the rear, housing the kitchen, dining room and bathroom. The property has a good sized garden with 2 large garages at the end with rear access.

 The Proposal

The owner was concerned that her current facilities were too small and awkwardly shaped for her desired lifestyle. She was also keen that her future mobility would be catered for as she intended to live in the property for the foreseeable future.

The Layout 

As the client is extremely modern in her tastes, she was certain that she required an extension with clean lines and crisp design features. She had a vision of an ultra-minimal space with a sophisticated and stylish kitchen and interior – with plenty of light and a view onto her garden, bringing the outside space into the extension. Bi-fold doors with additional glazing above, due to the vaulted ceiling, helped to achieve this, along with the roof lights. The shower room on the 1st floor is designed as a wet room and also has a vaulted ceiling with a roof light and built-in storage.

Proposed Elevations

Proposed Layout



The existing extension had no insulation and was considered unsuitable to adapt to the required use so was completely demolished. Welsh Water was consulted regarding a building over sewer agreement (BOSA) however this was already in place from the previous works. In order to achieve the width of extension needed to create the desired internal space, the new extension was increased in width. The adjacent neighbors were also consulted and being in close proximity, permission was sought for scaffolding positions etc. and all was cleaned and refurnished by the considerate builder so that the inconvinience was reduced.

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