Bungalow Extension

Sketty, Swansea Bungalow Extension

Location & Context

This Bungalow had already been fully renovated and is situated in a large garden plot. The owner wanted to use the garden plot to improve the accommodation in the property by having a Bungalow Extension.

Existing Bungalow


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The Proposal

The Client required additional living area and a more impressive layout to encourage future buyers as he intended to sell the property in the near future.  Hence the proposal was to add value and improve prospects for both comfort and profit.

The Layout 

The existing layout was a compact design which felt a little cramped in places and had no real storage space. Moreover, the Dining/Living area was open to the Kitchen and fairly restrictive for any type of family gathering. The Brief was to create another Living room to separate the Kitchen/Dining area. The new area would open up onto an adjacent Patio through large glazed doors. This would increase the light into the room and offer a larger entertaining space for the Summer months. In addition a new Master Bedroom with En-suite was created with the access through the original smaller Bedroom, which became a Wardrobe storage area.





Originally the client was keen for a parapet roof with a glass skylight to give a major WOW! factor however the Planners were not too keen when he consulted them prior to submission. So we reverted to a pitched roof using roof trusses. This was more economical in the end and the resulting extension was in keeping with the other properties in the area. Also there were two manholes at the side of the property so the extension had to be amended slightly to prevent the relocation as this can be another costly process which should be avoided if possible.

Completed Extension

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